Stephen Amell Shares His Two Big Regrets From Arrow Season 8

Stephen Amell Shares His Two Big Regrets From Arrow Season 8

Arrow last season on The CW left everyone in pain, not because the long term running series ended after the eight seasons, but because of the Oliver Queen made the dangerous sacrifice and giving up his life to birth the universe anew.

The journey of the Green Arrow fans

Green Arrow was a sad and painful journey for fans in the last few adventures, producer of the series make sure that Oliver should be given the heroic ending which he deserves that kickstarts the Arrowverse.

Crisis on Infinite Earth’s writers that allowed the character to be reborn the multiverse and essentially created the Arrowverse knowingly it will fulfill the promise of becoming something different in the process.

Obviously, the story will not end there

And the fans of the Arrow will get to says the proper goodbye to the crowd they have witnessed to know and love in the most amazing finale of the series that saw the comeback of many old and new faces.

Suffice to say that The CW had done justice to Oliver Queen but not with Stephen Amell because he wishes that he had more screen time with some of those characters.

As fans will remember, Oliver’s stepfather was Walter Steele, who appeared in the first two seasons of the series. For Nisa, Ra-al-Gulal’s not such a famous daughter actually appeared during the Green Arrow funeral, but there was no scene with her.