Sonic Director Reveals Super Sonic Was Going To Appear In The Movie

Sonic Director Reveals Super Sonic Was Going To Appear In The Movie

Sonic The Hedgehog has gained lots of fans, audience and some impressive box office collections too. There was a lack in terms of characters and location from the game Only Sonic and his archenemy Doctor Robotnik are visible, and this is happening mainly on Earth. However, although it seems that much less was taken from the source material, director Jeff Fowler has stated that the golden transformation of Super Sonic, Sonic, was included.

Since in the inclusion in Sonic The Hedgehog 2 in 1992, the Super Sonic has become an essential part of it. It is appearing as a game transformation or at the final fight with the boss.

Die-hard fans will be pleased

With the inclusion of the Super Sonic. But Fowler made a good argument about why Super Sonic finally did not appear, stating that he chose to focus more on the origins of Sonic and Robotics.

There was no point in getting into the Supersonic yet, “he explained in an interview,” that, there were early versions and scripts of the script … because we knew it is something significant in fans mythology or Mythology that is loved by fans. And the Chaos Emerald is a big part, even going back to the first game in ’91, and it was something we were trying to see. Like, ‘is it wise to include one of these?’

He told that he wants to keep it simple

Let do the origin as sonic and Robotnik and trying to boost up those characters before opening to the game which fans know and love. Of course, this means that Super Sonic can appear in a sequel if it is ever done. With the original story out of the way, Fowler and his team can have a complete reign to deepen the Sonic world and attract lifelong fans with instantly recognizable elements.