Are Those Johnny Depp Joker Casting Rumors True? Here’s The Breakdown

Are Those Johnny Depp Joker Casting Rumors True?

It’s rumored that Johnny Depp was a joker for most of his career. Depp was a fan favorite for his part (along with Adrian Brody) before Heath Ledger was announced as the Dark Knight Clown Crime Prince. Now it feels like this cast of decades-old fans can finally bear fruit, according to sources, the same Viola Davis said would meet to get Suicide Squad and that they are restarting me. Keep an eye on the actors to participate in the sequel to Batman and Depp are among the main Joker candidates.

The fact that he is also being considered for this part is perhaps a sign that the last problems of his career may be over. A long and bitter legal battle with Amber Heard appeared in his mind after an audio recording emerged that confirmed the side of Depp’s story. Given his previous performances, the strange clown would seem like a natural fit for him.

Sources are reportedly moving forward with the sequel to the original Todd Phillips movie…!!

In any scenario, it seems that the 2020s will be the Joker’s decade. Sources are reportedly moving forward with the sequel to the original Todd Phillips movie, which is called ‘Jokerverse.’ The follow-up Joker can see Arthur Fleck of Phoenix fighting for supremacy against rival Joker. Part). Beyond this, Warner Bros. wants to get the sequel to The Batman, so he hopes to find a different version of Mr J due to the movie (probably in 2024).

It is strange to think that more than ten years have passed since we saw that the limited Crusader class against the Joker is closed for performances. The closest we had was the retrospective scene of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, in which Ben Affleck chases after the Clown Crime Prince of Jared Leto in Batman Batmobile, but the two characters do not share a real action scene like the Dark Knight They have done So, we think it is the moment when we attracted the hero and the villain to the story of the superhero and it would definitely be exciting to see Depp away from Pattinson.

However, we are concerned that the famous pirates of the Caribbean are just a celebrity and our resources have confirmed that there are many others. Who they can be, we still don’t know, but since these are the same sources that tell us that Disney is making an Aladdin. The sequel and they will reappear in the Han Fast and Furious franchise, we have no reason to doubt them, respectively.

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