Disney Reportedly Bringing Back Johnny Depp And Orlando Bloom To ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 6’

Disney Reportedly Bringing Back Johnny Depp And Orlando Bloom To ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 6’

Fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean are going to get a massive surprise in the next installment of the movie.

Despite the reception, reportedly, little welcome, the franchise offered two previous films (On Stranger Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales), with Disney still planning to move forward with a sixth swashbuckling entry, according to reports Usually, as a restart No title has yet been revealed. Still, the script is in progress with screenwriter Ted Elliott, who has worked on previous films—joining the writing tasks of Craig Mazin, the man who made the successful HBO miniseries Chernobyl.

Somethings is cooking

As it seems like that a severe gap had emerged between the studio and Johnny Depp, about the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The break came naturally after the divorce of Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard, who became very ugly with accusations of misconduct from both sides.

Even when he appeared in high-profile projects such as Fantastic Beast movies, the public perception of Depp’s career reached a low point that changed the future of his big screen in question.

Disney seems to have changed its mind.

Source reported in March 2020 that rumors suggested that the study would expect Depp to return as the pirate captain of everyone’s favorite rum drinkers. We’ll have to wait and see how he plays, but in the meantime, what about Depp’s co-pirate, Orlando Bloom?

It can be another surprise for the fans of the movie because a report by the source is indicating that Orlando Bloom, who seemed to play a pivotal role in the first three movies, can also make a come back in the 6th part of the film.

As there is no sort of confirmation from any team member, studio, or any official announcement about that, but it seems coming from the source that has some inside knowledge of Disney organization.

But we cannot say it confirm until there’s an announcement or something so till then stay tuned for further updates.