IT Star Being Eyed To Play Red Ranger In The Power Rangers Reboot

IT Star Being Eyed To Play Red Ranger In The Power Rangers Reboot!!!

The Power Rangers are returning big time, and it is rumored that some significant changes will be made in the next installment. The next film will feature a new cast to bring the characters to life, and it is reported that one of the stars of the successful horror film IT and its sequel, IT Chapter Two, is in the role of Red Ranger.

With the incursion of Lionsgate in the background of the Power Rangers in 2017, the rate has not increased as well, and the study will not wait. Therefore, manufacturers have decided to take another stab to restart the franchise on the big screen. This takeover apparently involves time travel and will be established in the 1990s.

The new film is not the only time change to come, however, around this time, most of the team members will be women, in addition to being told that the group leader, the Red Ranger, will change gender. And now it seems that we can have an idea of ​​who is assuming that role.

IT actress Sophia Lillis is being seen for Red Ranger in an upcoming project…!!!

According to our sources, the same people who said Disney was developing a spin-off of Beauty and the Beast for Gaston, and the Transformers are being restarted, IT actress Sophia Lillis is being seen for Red Ranger in an upcoming project. It is. While she is not the only actress they are seeing, it is definitely a solid choice that has an impressive resume so far.

She is a screaming queen tested in IT movies both times and has a superpower experience with the recently released Netflix series. I’m not fine; I’m not with this. Therefore, it makes sense that when he makes his winning return to the big screen, he will head the list to lead the powerful morphine team.

Of course, the Power Rangers are generally known to be a man at the helm, but it seems that this next attempt to change things in more ways than one. It is the objective. Finally, there are also reports that suggest that the next Ranger will feature a gay Blue Ranger. The franchise has always adopted diversity, and it seems that these changes, whether they are all included in the final draft of the script or not, are certainly good signs that the next film in the series is heading in the right direction. Therefore, for more information, stay tuned with us, respectively.

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