Netflix Just Gave The Trailer For Money Heist Part 4, And Fans Are Super Excited For The Season To Come

Netflix Just Gave The Trailer For Money Heist Part 4: Here everything related to it!!!

There are some iconic and critically acclaimed programs that everyone has seen, with Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are just two obvious examples. But there is an incredible show, for reasons that still surprise me, not many people in the United States know it. And the show is Money Heist or La Casa de Papel as a reference in Spain.

According to Netflix, Money Heist is the most popular non-English language program in Netflix history. And for those who came to watch the first three seasons, the trailer for the next fourth season has just dropped. If you remember, the end of season 3 ended with The Professor in the race at Cliffner and it turns out that Raquel is really alive.

Netflix dropped the fresh new trailer for Money Heist Season 4:

While part 3 regained the band together after the surviving members of a band of misfits bank robbers spread all over the world, part 4 Tokyo, almost as a teacher and The set The gang, including the gang of claustrophobic sounds, it seems, the favourites of Berlin fans, are back in Madrid and sweep the Bank of Spain, an iconic landmark in the centre of Madrid.

Since Nairobi is carried on a stretcher, he is covered in blood, it is clear that the successor to Part 4 has left Ante. Ultimatums are made, communications are cut and a new blade, the tireless head of security of the Bank of Spain, Gandia, is released and begins to isolate and chase the gang one by one.

Here the trailer starts on a stretcher with Nairobi and the teacher running, or we should ask to escape, through a forest.

Now all this is very good, but there is a big turn here, and you have to work hard to find a program that achieves a better turn than Money Heist, Raquel is offered her freedom if she cooperates with the police.

Suffice it to say that the trailer looks amazing and it is logical to think that season 4 will be as exciting and full of suspense as the first three seasons. If you haven’t seen Money Heist yet, you will be advised to investigate it. It focuses essentially on a group of professional criminals, who achieve a bank heir of epic proportions. This is one of the tremendously entertaining and most valuable series I’ve seen. Money Heist Season 4 arrives worldwide on April 3, respectively.

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