Parasite: HBO Series? Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Parasite: HBO Series? Here’s Everything We Know So Far!!!

Thankful sobbing, greeted Parasite’s winning night at the Oscars earlier this month and the subsequent K-pop jam, was a bit sad in the air, in the middle of parties street. Yes, it was won. But visual disturbances were essentially a new version of the lower remake of the English language.

After the film championship behind “One Inch Long Barrier of Subtitles” by every director Bong Joon Ho, a tremulous American remake will inevitably crush the joyful and carefree enjoyment of his original Korean masterpiece. We certainly felt very scared when the first report on it came out.

But little by little we have learned more and more about it, and there is an external possibility that everything can be quite good. So, Scroll-up here for more information related to Parasite…

When it’s released?

Well, we still have no idea. Hopefully, it won’t end with the same torture release as the television adaptation of Bong’s Snowpier movie, but you’ll never know when?. But according to many sources, we expected that Parasite will release in 2021, hopefully not confirmed anything about the release date yet.

Who will be in the Cast?

Again, there’s nothing confirmed yet about the cast, but Mark Ruffalo is in conversations on the one hand, and he will too. Mark confirmed that he would not be honored to be able to touch something. However, fans have to wait for the official cast announcement by Bong.

What is the expected Plot?

The parasite tells the story of two inverse families: Park and Kims. The Kim family does poorly paid jobs while barely living on the surface. The Park family has everything available, and they live in a beautiful, bright, and modern contemporary house. Finally, the two families enter the orbit of the other.

This is where the fun and danger begin. Bong Joon-ho has invented a complex story about pursuing upward mobility and uniting all class systems. And similarly, the story follows the Kim family as they manage their work working inside the park house, respectively.

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