Robert De Niro Being Eyed For A Major Role In Guardians Of Galaxy Vol 3?

Robert De Niro Being Eyed For A Major Role In Guardians Of Galaxy Vol 3?

Regardless of Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 3, it’s still far from its release, with director James Gunn looking to make initial plans for his next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Although he is still working hard on the 2016 Suicide Squad sequel, Gunn keeps fans up to date on how Guardian’s next movie is taking shape. Last month, he confirmed that this would happen after the events of Avengers: Endgame and his script was well written before the launch of Endgame, which means that the story he presented was heavily influenced by Avengers’ last exit. It won’t happen.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know if Thor will join the Guardians or not, but we have recently learned of another launch tidbit. In the past, we reported that Mark Hamill was being prepared for the role of the high evolutionist, who is believed to have been the creator of Rocket Raccoon, within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

De Niro recently appeared in DC Joker!!!

Now, Hamill is not yet confirmed to be on the list of actors, but sources said that the same people said that Disney was developing the spin-off of Beauty and the Beast for Gaston and Marvel doing a she-hulk show Tha, both now confirmed, has told us that nothing less than Robert De Niro is being seen for this role, Hamil cannot / will not. And we imagine that he is not the only other actor that Marvel is considering.

While De Niro recently appeared in DC Joker, he’s still ready to jump to the MCU. In fact, a few months ago, the franchise closed publicly for being to caddy for the effects of aging. Still, it would be interesting to see one of Hollywood’s most cheerful and talented actors play the role of a villain in a Marvel movie.

Of course, the studio can always change direction before production begins, but the two names we hear at the moment are High Evolutionary, Hamill, and De Niro, and we will make sure to keep it updated. And co. Guardians of the Galaxy manage to block any of them for the Galaxy 3, respectively.

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