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Lunatics Season 2: Release Date? Cast? And Other Updates


Lunatics Season 2: Release Date? Cast? And Other Updates

Lunatics has proven to be a controversial and divisive series since Netflix returned in April. The sketch starring famous comedian Chris Lilley from Summer Heights stars new characters. The show is likely to be a hit with Lilley fans, but it has drawn criticism from other quarters.

Will there be another crazy series on Netflix?

It is not yet confirmed by Netflix that it will renew the series for next season. Lunatics only launched on Netflix on April 19, so it is too early to say whether the show will return.

The streaming giants will be watching the show’s numbers before making any kind of decision.

Netflix has previously stated that it completes a show or movie if 70 percent is seen.

When will the Lunatics season 2 launch?

Given the season one release date, a possible second series could be ruled out in April 2020.

The show is likely to include 10-hour episodes, like the first outing.

Fans can probably wait longer with Lilley taking on different personalities as they find themselves in increasingly ridiculous situations.

The cast of Lunatics Season 2?

If the show returns, Lilley will be front and center stage and take on many different characters.

Characters who may return for the second season are fashionistas Vanabeth Keith Dick, who has some unusual physical instincts, and former B grade star and extreme hoarder Joyce Jeffries.

Other characters may include filthy teenager and runaway internet star Gavin McGregor, who inherits an English heritage, and Becky Douglas, a 7-foot-3-inch girl.

If there is a plan to include a new sketch of Lilley, we can also include more characters in the mix.

Supporting actors who take on more minor roles are also likely to return.

Possible returnees are

  • Dylan as Joey Murray (actor)
  • Bianca Daniels as Kylie
  • Leena Arora as Patika Dick
  • Anne McCaffrey-French as Helen

among many others.

Addressing criticism of her show, Lilley told The Australian: “I am not trying to do something that is all the rage right now.”

He said, “When you meet them, you think, ‘I know that person,’ but then there is a twist, something crazy.”

Lilley said, “In the end, you think it ends. I relate to this a bit. He did exactly that.”


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