Netflix: List Of All Cancelled Series Of 2020

We’ve previously tracked cancellations on a master list, but since the list is quite long (and the fact that we haven’t updated until 2019) we have now decided on all 2020 eviction documents on this permanent list.

Only canceled shows will be included here. Titles like BoJack Horsemen that end the final season will not be counted.

This list was last updated on March 28, 2020.

The list was most recently ordered to cancel Netflix.


Cancellation date: March 26

The mystery series released in the first month of 2020 will not return. In the series, Jesus was seen as an increase in profanity and he relies on a CIA officer to see if it is legitimate or a fraud.

Spinning Out

Number of the season: 1
Cancellation date: February 3

Despite some good reviews and positive press on how to specifically deal with the surrounding mental health, Netflix decided not to continue the figure skating drama.

Can we guess why it was canceled? There were not enough people to start looking and those who did, did not look completely. Sadly, this series probably dominated intimate education, which dominated

You can read more about the cancellation and what I wanted to see from the second season of Spinning Out.

AJ and the Queen

Cancellation date: March 6

The drama series, starring RuPaul, traditionally found on unscripted talent shows, saw the end of the road up to a month after Netflix’s debut.

The main reason for this cancellation is with very little audience and lukewarm reviews from critics and audiences alike.


Number of the season: 1
Cancellation date: January 31

Only 10 episodes of the soundtrack will be produced with Netflix, with the decision not to continue with another season. The soundtrack probably failed to play a chord to compete with Disney’s own musical drama.

He followed a desperate group of artists as they navigated the world of Los Angeles music.

Reviews of the series were mixed, but the discussion surrounding it was missing. Can a musical drama not outlive adults on television who are unhappy? Unfortunately, it seems that this cannot happen.


Number of the season: 1
Cancellation date: January 21

The same day Netflix announced a group of new French productions, it silently fired some of those who had already arrived. Includes the well-regarded and terrifying horror named Marianne.

Tributes to the series can be found in our cancellation news for the show, but ultimately it’s not sad that Netflix continues the series.


Number of the season: 1
Cancellation date: January 21

The same day we found out about Marianne’s cancellation, we also found out that the French series Mortel would not be returning for a second season on Netflix.

The science-fiction horror series was generally liked by the audience, but its biggest problem was getting it. The six episodes available on Netflix will now be the last to be produced.


Number of the season: 1

Cancellation date: January 21

That’s right, the three French series were preserved the same day, with the excellent science fiction series Osmosis.

Especially facing somewhat harsh criticism from critics from France, in the near future the science fiction series was slated where a dating app extracts its brain for data to match its soul ago.

Source: What’s on Netflix