Hobbs And Shaw 2: Is A Sequel In Development? Here’s What We Know

It was just when Dwayne Johnson stole a helicopter with his hands (not hand typos) at Hobbs & Shaw, I realized I was seeing perfect art. Any news of the sequel would be greatly appreciated and, as always, came through Johnson himself. During recent live Instagram Q&A [via Screenrant], the actor confirmed the development of Hobbs and Shaw 2.

Dwayne Johnson wrote

That they are making the next movie Hobbs and Shaw’s next part he told that he is very excited about it right now to creatively discover and the direction we’re going to take.

Set in the physics-free world of the Fast and Furious franchise,

The film sees Johnson and Jason Statham surprise their roles as DSS agent Luke Hobbs and mercenary Deckard Shaw, in collaboration with Vanessa Kirby’s Hattie to Knocked down the Eco-Terrorist Brixton (Idris Elba). Hobbs & Shaw grossed $759 million worldwide, and a sequel was always “when” compared to the “if” scenario.

The movie did a lot of heavy lifting to set up the sequel.

Hobbs & Shaw completed himself with four half-credit scenes, featuring an overly friendly CIA agent ‘Locke’ in the Helen Mirren update to currently teasing Magdalene Shaw and Ryan Reynolds. Shortly after the film’s release, Johnson confirmed that the additional scenes were “to give you an idea of ​​the new team of the future.” Then there is the grim head of the Eaton terrorist organization, whose identity we never knew.

Of course, it’s hard to say that Hobbs and Shaw 2 could hit theaters. The last entry in the Prime Fast and Furious franchise delayed its release by a full year due to a coronavirus outbreak. Justice, unfortunately, is long overdue, and it’s realistic that Hobbes and Shaw won’t be able to make it to the screen until the end of 2022 or more.