Rick And Morty Premieres A New Anime Short While Fans For Rest Of Season 4

The mindless Adult Swim cartoon has been praised for its unique and quirky style.

With fans still waiting for the second part of Rick and Morty’s fourth season, a recent short has rewarded the patient public. The fourth season of animated science fiction comedy has not released new episodes since mid-December of last year.

With the large television production currently on hold due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus, it seems that Rick and Morty enthusiasts can wait several months for the season to end.

Fortunately, the series is slowly releasing new material to satisfy eager fans, whose patience with co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon may be lacking.

Produced by the new collaborative studio DEEN

Rather than the animation company for the series directed by Justin and Dan, the short duration of 6 minutes suddenly appeared on the Adult Swim YouTube channel. The title is Samurai and Shogun, a bloody farewell to Samurai movies and anime with a good dose of short animation of Rick and Morty’s signature surrealism.

The short is entirely in Japanese, drawing inspiration from Akira Kurosawa and Samurai series films like Lone Wolf and Cub, and the bloody combat style will be familiar to anyone who’s played Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice last year.

Rick, a samurai named WFM-72, makes his way through a paddy field, complete with a white kimono and a katana, where green portals open and is ambushed by a group of ninja riots and their fierce leader.

Lifelong fans of the series will recognize the image of an army of retired clones, including Citadel, a large city in space that houses several thousand alternate-dimensional Ricks and Mortis.

This Rick wears a bounty on his head after kidnapping a stroller Morty, who spends most of the brief blank stare, but may be more powerful than meets the eye. With a mix of traditional and 3D animation, the animation style of the short episodes looks somewhat different from what is typically seen on the show.

It has not been revealed if Studio DEN will work in collaborations with future co-creators Dan and Justin, but the new studio contributed to less ambitious action sequences.

Rick and Morty have also not been on the Ricks’ board for some time,

So the presence of a Rick Ninjas squad could indicate a major change with other Ricks in the latter part of the fourth season. Adult Swim has produced 70 new episodes for the series, including five already aired last year and five to come.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak deteriorated and television productions were forced to temporarily shut down, creators of Rick and Morty promised fans that the long gaps between seasons were over.

A post on the series’ official Instagram page also promised a return to the fourth season in 2020.

Unfortunately, it has not been confirmed how much of the new season was unfinished before the current round of uncertainty. There was also another teaser titled Rick Game, released in February this year, with fans speculating that there would be more such episodes, but no one has seen it yet.

For now, fans may have to accept these small samples of material from Rick and Morty, as the best series will have to offer time.