Robert Downey Jr. Upcoming Non- Superhero Project

Robert Downey Jr. turned into the most loved on-screen character for a large number of us after depicting Iron Man. Be that as it may, presently, when his character’s curve is finished, we continue considering what is going next for this splendid man. Will we see Robert Downey’s Iron Man again In These Projects

When Marvel flat out refused to hire Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man ...
Source: Hindustan Times

All-Star Weekend

Downey Jr., who was previously a cast part on Saturday Night Live, is coming back to his comedic establishes in the game’s satire All-Star Weekend. Composed and coordinated by Jamie Foxx, All-Star Weekend sets two companions in opposition to one another as they each root for restricting NBA geniuses LeBron James and Steph Curry.

Sherlock Holmes 3

Holmes and Watson will appear again for the third time in Sherlock Holmes 3. Both Downey Jr. What’s more, Jude Law will repeat their roles as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. At the point when the film hits theaters on December 22, 2021, it will check ten years between the second film, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, and the third film in the series.


Ron Howards’ reimagination of the celebrated story of Pinocchio will include Robert Downey Junior as the fundamental on-screen character in his forthcoming flick ‘Pinocchio’.

The tale of Pinocchio is one of the most famous youngsters’ accounts ever. It follows a living manikin named Pinocchio, who discovers that he can accomplish his fantasy about getting human on the off chance that he is courageous and upright.

Fans are as of now energized enough to see Downey depicting the role of Pinocchio in Howard’s up and coming great story.


The film may show the consequence occasions of Endgame. Endgame has opened ways for the advancement of its next spin-off with the plot of multi-universe.

As Avengers had upset time vault, this has made numerous circles in the film.

Justice fighters: Endgame has released so far on April 26. Fans’ response over the epic film is overpowering, which has decimated various film industry records, turning into the second most elevated earning film ever in just its second seven day stretch of release, rounding up $2.188 billion universally.

Sweet Tooth

It is a vivified series that spins around a little fellow who is a large part of a human and a large portion of a deer. Set later on the post an end of the world the series would accept us on an excursion regarding how such blended animal categories were framed and what befallen people.

So why the name Sweet Tooth? It is on the grounds that the little youngster had gotten attached to human development, chocolates. Next inquiry, who will loan their voices?

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