Pup Academy Season 2: Has It Got Renewed And Expected Air Date For It

Back in the previous year, Disney Channel came up with the animated series titled Pup Academy. It is created by Anna McRoberts and produced by Joanne Gerein, and Michael Strange. It features the voices of stars like Riley O’Donnell, Dylan Schombing, Chance Hurstfield, and Brian George. The series set in a parallel world where a man named Charlie runs a secret academy for puppies to educate them on how to become dogs.

The series has received appreciation for the animation quality, story, and creativity by the critics. The first season also released this year on Netflix. Now fans are asking for more episodes and asking if the second season is happening or not. Keep reading to know about every single detail on the new season.

Renewal Status

Unfortunately, Disney Channel not renewed the series for a second season till now. The Netflix users are also eagerly waiting for the new episodes. But it will definitely happen because the series has received a great response, the ratings of the series is high and it become popular around the world.

Usually, the networks also analyze the viewership and ratings and then order new episodes. So by checking these details we can hope for Pup Academy season 2 to happen in the future.

Pup Academy
Source: IMDb

Release Date

It is hard to reveal a particular date because the series is still not renewed for the second season. If the series receive green light then it will take a long time to happen as animators are working remotely due to coronavirus pandemic. So because of working from home, the production consumes more time than normal to complete it.

Sources are saying that it can release sometime in 2021. If any new update surfaces, we will tell you.


These artists will return to lend their voices to the characters that can appear in season 2 if it happens:

  • Don Lake as Charlie, the founder of Pup Academy.
  • Christian Convery as Morgan
  • Aria Birch as Izzy, a girl who Morgan befriends.
  • Gabrielle Miller as Molly,
  • Riley O’Donnell as the voice of Spark
  • Chance Hurstfield as the voice of Corazon
  • Dylan Schombing as the voice of Whiz
  • Brian George as the voice of D.O.G.
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