Hawaii Five-0: Will There Be A Season 11 Of CBS Crime Series?

When thinking about American police action programs, there are some notable series, one of which is Hawaii Five-0. The television series ‘Police Procedure’ may have been a reboot of the original 1968 show, but it developed largely after that. However, after almost 10 years on our screens, Hawaii finally reaches five. It was an accidental ending to the series, and fans were confused as to why the show was cancelled, especially given a large number of fans.

HAWAII FIVE-0 cancelled?

Hawaii Five-0 has never seen a drastic drop in the viewing numbers that are typical of most cancelled shows, although there was a slight drop in recent years, the episode was still watched by more than 7 million viewers.

So why was it cancelled? Simple answer, the actor shrinks.

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According to Deadline, Alex O’Laughlin (Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett) and Scott Kahn (Detective Sergeant Dano Williams) are hired at the end of Season 10. As long as the show’s producers are willing to continue the show, fans are highly sceptical that the folks at Loughlin are ready to renew their air contract for five.

Can we see a result of HAWAII FIVE-0?

There is a chance that we may see a return of five in Hawaii in a few years, but there are more likely to be derivative shows rather than a full reboot. There are many characters that can make it to the spin-off series. However, as the show is inside Lenkov-verse, featuring McGiver and Magnum P.I, keep an eye on future cameos. The last word on Hawaii Five-0 comes from O’Longle himself: “For the fans, I don’t know how to thank you, guys.” Thanks for the way we have you. Aloha I miss You.


However, it seems that the actor’s injury list goes beyond the problems behind it. Speaking to TV Line in 2018, he said: “I have blown off both shoulders, one knee. I had the elbow tendon. I have raised discs on my neck and back.”

O’Loughlin considered the original hack for these physical stresses to be the early years of the show.