Schitt’s Creek: Will We Get A Season 7 Of Canadian Series? Know Here

This is what viewers can expect from Schitt’s Creek season 7 if the Canadian comedy ever returns for another instalment. The series was developed by the father-son duo, Eugene and Dan Levy, who also play two of the main characters on the show. They were joined by Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy to meet the Rose family. The series aired on CBC in Canada and on pop television in the US but gained considerable popularity following its association with Netflix.

Schitt’s Creek followed a family of four: Johnny (Eugene Levy), Moira (O’Hara), David (Dan Levy), and Alexis (Murphy) when they moved to a small rural town after losing their fortune. He was forced to. His life changed completely, but he learned to accept his destiny and adapt to his environment.

The Rose family’s time at Schitt’s Creek was ending with Season 6. Johnny and Moira had new career opportunities, while Alexis continued to build on her PR experience. After suffering a broken heart with a cordial separation from Ted Mullens (Dustin Milligan), Alexis realizes that she may need a change of scenery.

Schitt's Creek Season 7: Release Date, Story, Will It Happen?
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Schitt’s Creek season 6 is the end

Season 6 of Schitt’s Creek was a new beginning for the Rose family. Unfortunately, the public will not be on the trip when Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis enter the next chapter in their lives. After spending years living with the motel rooms, the family would go in different directions. Johnny and Moira move to California, while Alexis moves to the Big Apple. Meanwhile, David lives in the city trying to settle down with his new husband, Patrick.

Why is Schitt Creek Season 7 not running?

When Dan Levy developed Schitt’s Creek with his father Eugene, he always imagined that the series would last five seasons. Following the release of Season 4 in 2018, the comedy received a two-season renewal. The finale with Season 6 of Schitt’s Creek was a creative decision, not one of the ratings. In fact, Schitt’s Creek is closing its time, while interest is at its highest point. The Levy family felt it was time to say goodbye to the series. For now, Schitt’s Creek Season 7 is not considered necessary but may change in the future.

What could be the story of Schitt Creek season 7?

Depending on how Schitt’s Creek season 6 ended, there are plenty of stories to back it up if Schitt’s Creek revived in the future. Alexis is within walking distance of David and his new brother-in-law. You can reconnect with your parents in New York City if you’re filming after Moira’s rebirth in Sunrise Bay. Maybe David and Patrick reconsider their plans to start a family and force a new son (or as Moera would say) to a reunion in Podunk City.