Fans Seek Imprisonment For George RR Martin! Here’s The Reason

Last year, the author of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ said that if he didn’t do ‘The Winds of Winter’, fans could put him in jail, and now he wants to deliver on that promise.

Martin is apprehended to be active on his blog and last year, after staying invited to New Zealand, he thanked him for the offer to finishing his book and finished the post, “To finish my book … I’m afraid New Zealand will be distracted “I love it.

Leave me here in Westeros for no. But let me tell you this if I don’t have the winner’s hand when I come to New Zealand for WorldCon. Hai, you have my formal written permission. until I see a lake of sulfuric acid, I’m done. Until the spicy smoke from my old two comes out. I’ll be fine, don’t mess up the word processor. ”

George RR Marin said Last Month

He said: “Maybe I’m glad the show is over. Maybe I’ve freshened up with the prequel and it makes me very excited.” Maybe you wanted to write, jump, weigh 19 views, all the stories and put it before the final presentation of the film A Dream of Spring. Last month, George RR Marin said the end of the Winter Wind was almost over.

George R.R. Martin promises fans he is staying safe and working on ...
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Delay Three More Chapter?

It could be demonstrated that he is previously adequately incarcerated and writing due to the coronavirus. He has written in recent blog posts that he is fine and is writing more. In one he said he was spending a lot of time in Westeros and in his most recent writing update, he wrote: “This is too difficult. Still, it has been delayed. Three more chapters were completed last week.”. However, there is still a long way to go. But don’t get too excited. “