Game Of Thrones: The Red Weddings Were Based On Real Events

If you come across the killer episode of “Game of Thrones” on Sunday, chances are you did. What you may not know is that the graphic episode (read here in the spoiler) was based on historical events. Entertainment Weekly wrote George R., author of “Game of Thrones.” R. Martin is captured and reveals that the bloody events have roots in Scottish history.

He offered to give safe passage to the young Earl of Douglas. He arrived at Edinburgh Castle and was a great beast. So At the end of the feast, [the king’s people] began to tremble on the same drum. And as soon as He saw it, knew what it meant. He took them out and stabbed them to death in the yard. The great example was the Glencoe massacre. The MacDonald Campbell Clan stayed all night with the clan and is believed to be hospitality. the laws. But Campbell woke up and started cutting all the McDonald’s, allowing them to join hands.

Game of Thrones' 'Red Wedding': Archaeologists excavate real site ...
Source: Herald Sun.com

The splendid entertainment was over and the jovial conversation between the unsuspecting victims was taking place. Meanwhile, the apartment was quietly surrounded by armed men. They were, who were at a signal. The governor, both brothers, broke in and took over. The young king wept and climbed onto the chancellor’s knees, begging for the lives of his friends, which Kan and his brother said was registered. No, but there were unhappy young men, wounded by the demonetization, their count, we are told, “he was timid.” Their heads were killed in court behind the palace.

38 people died in the 1692 Glencoe massacre after an estimated 120 Campbells wake up early in the morning in high-altitude areas of Scotland.

Suddenly, the ravine blew muscat shots and screeches of fear. And the agony and the blinding of the burning shack ignited despair. The butcher did not fare as well as it was intended, as far as McDonald’s escape into darkness went largely. However, 28 of them hesitated. Tyrannical Massacre. “