Locked Up Season 5: We Have The Perfect Replacement For Orange Is The New Black

There are plenty of shows you’re wasting your time on, and the peak of that list is Orange the New Black. While the first few seasons weren’t terrible until the fourth season, we just wanted the show to end. But the prison drama is a tiny subsection, and there are only a few other shows that fill that void. So we turn to Good Ol’s trustworthy Netflix and do some searching, and through that, we get a lock.

Also known as Wiz a Wiz, LockedUp is a Spanish prison drama centered on a young woman who is sent to prison and must learn the country’s rules to escape her future sentence. Outside, her family struggles to find a way to free her daughter and ends up in hot water. But similar to Orange is New Black, until the third season it is a costume show.

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It is more serious

Remember when Orange the New Black would try to enter the Emmys as comics? And the Television Academy allowed it because the program couldn’t decide what it wanted to be? Locked in doesn’t come close to having pitch issues either.

From the beginning, you think it is a thriller. Macarena Ferreiro (Maggie Civantos) is not going to live here, but due to a wrong decision, she ruined her whole life. This is not supposed to be fun, and you are trying to get the rest of the Ferreiro family out of jail, in addition to facing their fight.

He is a clear hero and villain.

Although the penitentiary system often provokes the wrong people, the confinement interprets the Spanish justice system as this area in black and white. Macarena fell into the financial fraud scandal with the man she loved. His rival, Julema (Najwa Nimri), not only earned his place but also runs a prison as his business.

Like traditional crime-based dramas, even if everyone’s actions are morally important, it is true that every story must be good and bad. The lockout gives you the drama and crime you want to show about the prison but makes it clear who to target.

The work does not wait to start

With minor glitches, Macarena accidentally kills someone in the first episode of LockedUp. Talk about jumping into the right action. Thereafter, the show not only refuses to slow down, but we can also see who Zulma is facing for the murder.

Above all, despite the fact that the work is slow inside the prison, the Ferreiro family jumps to the show trying to get bail money for Macarena. Of course, nothing is easy, and Macarena’s family is caught up in Zulma’s foreign occupation in an attempt to free their daughter. The moment the lock starts, get ready to start this train, and never stop.

One in four seasons of Locked Up is airing on Netflix. The fifth season will arrive in 2020.