Suger Rush: Where Are The Runner-Ups Of Season 3?

In a Baking competition, where time is the most important component, four different teams show off their cooking skills in each episode of the ‘Sugar Rush’ session to impress and wait for the jury. It will bring out the doors for $ 10,000.

Candy chefs Candace Nelson and Adriano Jumbo – along with the guest judge – are the ones who criticize the culinary creations of the jeans and determine who will finish the award. Although money is the goal, exposure and experience to be on the show are also effective, and this has been proven more than once by runners. So here are the 3 runners of the season.

Alex and Jen

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Source: Netflix.com

Alex and Jane did a great job on their creative work in the ‘Sugar Rush’ session, and even though they didn’t win, it was clear that they were mixing around the kitchen to stay away from their respective families. It is used for enjoyment. The siblings were joking with Jane eventually saying that her brother should give her a job, but we’ll be honest because we couldn’t find any social media accounts, but we don’t know where they are now? However, we probably think that Jane is a mother who can still be at home while Alex works in her business.

Tony and Vincent

When we first met Tony and Vincent, in College, we thought they could be the right business, they couldn’t go far, but we were happy when their dedication and hard work showed us wrong. With plenty of baked goods, Vincent offers group classes.

Keon and Zerrick

Friends from Atlanta, Georgia and the baker had a great time in the kitchen and made sure we enjoyed seeing them too. After the two judges met in the cooking competition, they immediately connected and realized that together they could do something great, and they did – he got 4th place in the ‘Sugar Rush’ section. Today, Zerk Williams is a company known as “Snackiecakez” that he founded three years ago. And, Keon is also working in the industry, working on his own store called “Cakes by Keon”.