Leonardo DiCaprio: We Rank His 5 Best Roles From His Impressive Acting Career

Leonardo DiCaprioSince his fame in the 1990s, Leonardo DiCaprio has quickly become one of the world’s most wanted actors. His indomitable ability to jump into almost any number of roles with incredibly attractive wit is impressive. At the same time, his list of credits as the most famous actors of all time is remarkable.

We have used IMDB to rank the top five movies and the bottom five, where it played a leading role. One thing we have learned is that there are a lot of really good things on their resumes, and it really isn’t that bad. ..

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'wealth and success don't make you happy'
Source: The Telegraph.com

Worst: total Eclipse (6.6)

The total Eclipse revolves around a real-life relationship between the poet’s Paul World and Arthur Rimbaud. It is a darker story, which shows their passionate relationship through strange erotic and violent interpretations. Despite dramatically telling a true story, the theme was not entirely suitable for everyone, leading to box office failures and very poor critical response.

Best: The Wolf of Wall Street (8.2)

One of DiCaprio’s recent works, about love cinema, is front and center in this depiction of a three-hour crazy life by stockbroker Jordan Belfort. It’s a slow fire, first a description of your progress in wealth, but it takes a wild turn toward the play as it nears the end. DiCaprio is equally charming and repulsive, the perfect way to portray Belfort.

Worst: J. Edgar (6.5)

Despite the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio received J. Golden Globe Nomination for his role as Edgar Hoover, this directed/annotated film by Clint Eastwood was not a critical success at all. Judi Dench, Naomi Watts, and Adam Driver (in her first movie role), misleading narrative, and generally rather boring storyline brought the film to an average of 6.5 IMDB, despite DiCaprio’s prolific achievements.

Best: Django Unchained (8.4)

It may not be the best Tarantino movie yet, but it’s a pretty tough list to beat. Therefore, their best-done job is better than anything most directors can dream of. DiCaprio starred with Calvin J., along with a cast consisting of Javin Fox, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson. He played the role of Candy.

Worst: the man in the iron mask (6.5)

Among the many roles one can hope to assume in Leo in a strange game, The Man in the Iron Mask takes him into the historical role of King Louis XIV and the historical role of Titan Man in Iron Mask. This change between the characters was seen as a chassis, with the film as a parody of The Three Musketeers. While the film suggests that historical inaccuracies will prevail, there are many that seem unnecessary.