1899: Creators Of Dark With Something New!

Netflix’s German Dark series ended in Dark shortly after, but producers Janje Fries and Baran Bo Odar have known their next project for a long time. As the title suggests, the new series will be a drama and synopsis of a bygone era. What you find below may suggest that it will have thriller/horror elements. This series is very early on, but as to who is behind this series, we believe that many people will pay full attention to it. What we do know, therefore, is far from the next series of the founders of Dark Wayes and its production company.

What is the 1899 plot?

A summary of the new set is described in the official press release: Their journey takes an unexpected turn another migrant ship on the high seas when they are located, what they find on the ship will turn the road into a terrifying.

Dark' Creators Board Historic Horror '1899' as Next Netflix Series ...
Source: Hollywood Reporter.com

In what word will 1899 be delivered?

At a table in Berlin in February 2020, the audience revealed that unlike the dark, the first language of 1899 would be English.

Where is the 1899 production?

From March onwards, the film is scheduled to start in February 2021, with production starting in September 2020. Since the 1899 production didn’t hit the coronavirus epidemic, it was only in the writing process, we think it’s still time and they’ll actually start filming in February 2021.

1899 Release Date

Everything Is going well to According to the plan in February 2021, we would expect the first season of 1899 to fall on Netflix someday in the first moiety of 2022. However, a German magazine has stated that they expect it to be released in 1899 and 2099. Our last recommendation for all who wish to stay up to date, along with the year 1899, is to follow the fan account that has been repeatedly Below you will find his latest tweet.