These Fan Favorite PUBG Players Were Found Using Hacks

While browsing my Facebook feed earlier this week, I came across a PUBG mobile feed. Obviously, it is illegal to hack yourself, but it is exclusively the Indian streamer who openly uses it in streaming. He was just broadcasting to show how effective his hacks were. He was using a very effective feat that showed him the location of other players. On top of that, they also had an ‘Ambot’ which is essentially a feat that automatically snatches your target for a headshot over the opponent’s head.

With all these feats, he was abusing other players and killing everyone he found. He continued to promote these hacks and said that anyone can buy them by sending a message to their WhatsApp number that was described.

These Fan Favorite PUBG Players

He went on to mention how his hacking was secured with Tencent’s anti tramp software and would not be prohibited. It’s safe to say that their streaming on Facebook Gaming was super toxic and we don’t recommend anyone to tune in and hack them. I’ve been playing a lot of Apex legends lately and I can confirm how big the cheating problem is in that game.

PUBG Mobile is fighting its own battle against cheaters and ...
Source: Times Now.com

I am not going to explicitly name the dreamer here because he is still broadcasting and promoting his hacking. The last thing we want to do is promote this type of abuse and get more hackers in the game. We have already told you about its transmission on Facebook and we have also reported it in the game.

In the end, I just want to say that you can’t even win a full game with your hacks. Imagine being so bad in the game that you can’t win a match even with a hack. This shows that playing the game is more than being good at achieving the goal. It is better to spend time properly understanding the game than to use these tricks and ruin the game for everyone.