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Google’s Chrome 79 New feature Will Warn About Your Password And Security Improvements

Source: Mashable India

Google normally bundles further than new highlights with each repetition of its browser, and Chrome 79 should attach some reasonably strong enforcement and security improvements, including warnings if your password and data has been stolen.

The new highlights incorporate tab freezing and phishing protections, which will attempt to moderate Chrome’s insatiable desire for retention by restricting what steps a tab can take when not in control.

Monitoring passwords have normally been completed by many sites, which aggregates log in credentials from major data gaps and provides you to cross-check your own. Presently Google will make this in real-time when you register a password into a section within the browser. A popup will then suggest that you modify them, wherever they’ve been practiced.

Source: Official SmartPhone Blog

Likewise, Chrome will manage a record of observed phishing and hacking sites or sites that actively attempt to attract you to unveil your credentials to your bank, social media, or any other website.

This highlight will be set on by default, which will notify and inform you when Google believes or understands that the website you’re attempting to log in is working to attempt to get your information and credentials.

That’s important because Google is now coordinating its database of observed phishing sites as well as attempting to divine if an unexplored site is currently phishing. That information will be published for your Google password as well as passwords that the Chrome browser reserves.

Google’s also boosting up Chrome’s administration and performance, though the development is voluntary. In Chrome 79, tab freezing is an “experiment,” and must be switched on by attending the subsequent page: chrome://flags/#proactive-tab-freeze, according to official’s report.

The highlight goes by essentially tombstoning tabs that have been motionless for more than five minutes, which delivers their CPU and memory support for other tabs that require it. Again, it’s voluntary, but this will possibly be switched on by default in the future updates.

NASA’s MAVEN Probe Depicts The Wind Pattern Of Mar’s Upper Atmosphere

Source: AmericaSpace

Winds circulate from dayside to night right high above the surface of Mars and the air flows as it passes through the valleys of mountains of the red planet.

According to the information received from the sources, NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft has provided the maps of the winds if the atmosphere of Mars.

The data present in the maps was released on December 13 and it could help researchers to understand how the Mar’s climate has evolved over time by understanding its atmosphere.

The movement of the wind in Mars’ thermosphere is much simpler than on Earth as a single current flow continues from season to season, constantly driving air from the planet’s dayside to its nightside.

Source: Universe Today

The spacecraft arrived at Mars in 2014 and recorded waves in the thermosphere created by winds near the ground turning around mountains and canyons.

An official from the space agency said, “When the spacecraft is hovering over a mountain, we can see the wind changing to support the presence of that mountain 200 kilometers below. MAVEN does not support a camera but we can see a photograph of the topography in the winds.”

In all, the researchers involved in exploring Mar’s atmosphere have tracked winds for one and a half Martian years.

Father Accused Of Molesting His 2 Minor Daughters

Source: South China Morning Post

Cases of molestation, physical assault, and child abuse are increasing day by day. There is not a single day when we have not heard a single news related to it. One such shocking and shameful case of molestation came from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

This is not the usual case of molestation by a stranger or an outside person. This shameful act had been done by a man who is the father of two daughters. A 48 year old father had molested both his daughters who were minor in his own house.

The shameful act was not committed by him once but multiple times whenever the accused wife went out for work.

The man went inside his daughter’s room and started molesting them one by one. He committed such a brutal act once every month. The man had no shame that they were his daughters who had blind faith in him.

It has been six years that the two little girls were facing such a painful experience.

The accused had been sent to a jail where he confessed everything. He even said that after his wife’s death, he did not stop but rather got a clear opportunity to assault his daughters.

The court had kept the accused under remand under the molestation charges.

Woman Who Was A Victim Of Child Abuse Since Age 4, Accused Three Dallas Area Hotels

Source: Dallas Morning News

Three parent companies of a hotel chain were sued by a woman who had accused the companies of failure to intervene regarding acts of child abuse and molestation committed in their hotels.

The girl, F.M. informed the police officials that she was one of the victims of human trafficking who was brutally molested in the alleged hotels.

The girl also added that it been more than 20 years since she had been forcibly engaged in it since she was 4 years old. Her father, a drug addict, in order to satisfy his thirst, sold his daughter in the world of human trafficking.

A representative from the company gave the following statement,

Hyatt takes the issue of human trafficking very seriously and has taken proactive steps to identify and prevent human trafficking.”

F.M. told the court that she was put in a dog cage after being molested along with other minors. She was also beaten up and punished severely if she failed to make more girls join with her.

The lawsuit stated that the hotel owners knew everything which took place in their hotels and had allowed the persons involved in brutal acts to commit the same.

The victim had requested for monetary compensation from the accused in respect of the mental stress, medicinal expenditure which she had faced during those years.

It’s A Girl! Singer Cassie Ventura And Husband Alex Fine Welcomes Their 1st Child

Source: Urban Islandz

Cassie and her husband, Alex Fine, welcomed their initial child on Friday, December 6, according to the sources.

The latest mom gave birth to an 8 pound, 4-ounce daughter named Frankie at a Los Angeles County hospital. The newborn reportedly measured 21 inches long.

The 33-year-old “Love a Loser” singer declared in June that she and the bull rider, 26, had a baby on the way. “We are so pleased and thankful to be beginning our family,” the pregnant star told that same month. “Can’t wait to love on our baby girl.”

Fine declared the news with a letter for their daughter-to-be, writing on Instagram: “I will be the first man in your life and will give you the greatest love and affection now and forever. I never imagined my heart could grow bigger after meeting your mother… then I discovered we were having you and I instantly felt a love that is so indescribable.

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I promise to be at every dance recital, concert, sporting event, school plays whatever you choose to do I will be there and help you. I am your number one fan. I vow to be a man that you and your mother look up to and love. I will always hear and put both of you first. You’re perfect for me and always will be.”

The relationship between Fine and Cassie publicly revealed in December 2018. They got engaged on August 24, which they both think their “favorite day ever.”

Earlier to marrying the Los Angeles resident, Cassie was in an on-and-off romance with Sean “Diddy” Combs for 11 years. The former couple’s separation made headlines in October 2018.

Woman Accused Of Killing Her Ex-Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

Source: KTNV Las Vegas, Nevada

A man was found severely injured at his home in the morning along with his girlfriend. He suffered severe head injuries and was bleeding.

They were also found in an unconscious state and were bleeding profusely. They were soon rushed to the hospital where the boy took his last breath.

The accused, Grissel Gonzaga, a 29 year old woman was found guilty and held in charge of the murder of the boy. It came out that the accused happened to be the ex-girlfriend of the girl who was found severely injured along with her boyfriend.

The accused said that she went into their house with the purpose of killing the two. What gave her more confidence was that she saw the couple fighting.

She entered into their room and started to fight and hence attacked the two of them and ran away.

The woman had been sent behind the bars on account of clear evident murder. The Las Vegas police informed that she had been sent to a Detention Centre.

The number of crimes out of aggression is increasing at an alarming rate ad nothing major has been done in order to reduce the crime rate. The only possible solution to these crimes is that everyone must walk with complete attention and should not provoke anyone.

A Girl Was Molested For Several Times By A Cruise Worker

Source: Fox Business

A 13 year old girl informed her mother that she was physically assaulted by a cruise worker, 53, at her home. What came to our shock was that the girl informed me that she had been molested more than 100 times.

The girl further gave a shocking information that the assault began when she was 10 years old. The cruise worker also clicked pictures of the girl so that he could travel with it on the ship.

The worker was so smart in order to hide the photos so that it doesn’t come to the knowledge of the others, the worker used an application which converted the pictures looking like a calculator.

Source: The Digital Wise

The accused had been arrested under various charges by the Police on account of physical misconduct of a little girl. He had been arrested under a Non-Bailable offense.

The condition of the little girl could not be imagined.

A number of complaints related to molestation of minors as well of girls are spreading across the glove-like fire and no satisfying solution to this problem has been identified by the authorities yet.

The criminals often find ways to get themselves out of this situation after committing heinous crimes.

Authorities will do whatever they have to, it is us primarily who have to look after ourselves. It is a humble request to each and every one of you reading this article, kidly take necessary precautions before going in a lonely place or place covered in dark.

Elderly Couple Discovered Dead Under Snow After Severe Snowstorm

Source: 123RF.com

In a very shocking and terrifying case, a couple is considered to be in their 70s were found dead this week after a heavy and severe winter storm in Arizona.

According to the information received from the authorities, the dead bodies of the couple were found deep buried inside the snow.

It has even been said that nothing intentional was done by anyone that led to their death. They died from extreme weather conditions and from exposure to the environment.

A police officer committed, Further updates are pending the medical examiner’s report.”

After a thorough investigation, the couple has been identified as Elizabeth Alexander,79, and Richard Alexander,74.

According to the information received from the sources, it took so much time to discover their bodies as their bodies kept hidden because of a heavy layer of snow.

Residents of Ash Fork reported that they were the first ones who noticed the dead bodies while they were leaving their house on Friday and they were the ones who called the authorities after they realized that the couple had died.

The investigators involved in the scene reported that the elderly couple’s car got stuck in a heavy storm where that complete area was hit with more than 8 inches thick snow.

According to the information received from various authorities, an official from National Weather Service informed that they do not have a weather reporting station near the rural town that was hit by 12 inches of snow.

Parents Mourn The Death Of Their Daughter Who Was Hit By A Lamborghini

Source: Daily Mail

A 15 year old beautiful girl was brought down to death in a hit and run case by a Lamborghini. The girl was walking alongside a road with her friend when the luxury sports car hit her and her friend. The friend has been suffered from injuries and had been rushed to the hospital.

The parents remained silent on the incident or months since the accident took place in the month of June. They decided to break their silence as they were in great pain and sorrow. It would be their first Christmas without her.

The girl, Sophia, was an all-rounder, be it sports or studies. She was a very good Volleyball player and was doing a job in Mc Donalds. She wanted to become a physiotherapist.
Her mother was completely broken.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

She said,

It’s really terrible. It’s had a catastrophic impact. It’s unimaginable. There are no words for it. There isn’t even a word for it. It’s even difficult to process it.”

Source: dailymail.co.uk

The owner of the luxury car had to still file a plea. Her parents have set up a Foundation in her remembrance which is named the Sophia Naismith Foundation with the aim so that others can achieve their dreams which their daughter couldn’t.

The loss suffered by the parents is totally devastating as they miss their daughter for every second of their life.

MARS : Next Destination For Human Beings To Set Colonies And Thrive In Its Conditions

Source: The Independent

There have been many stories in the recent years that talk about different kinds of asteroids colliding with our planet Earth, but none has collided yet. What if our blue planet, EARTH, is stuck with some asteroid and our planet gets destroyed by its impact?

The question is obviously not new but still, there was no satisfactory answer from any of the space agencies spending millions of dollars in research and development process.

Now, it seems as if we have finally got the answer to our question as another celestial body has been discovered by a scientist which has probably answered to most of our questions including the one that can humans survive in MARS or not?

Recently, a scientist from the German Spatial Research Center based in Berlin has made a mind-blowing discovery that holds the answer to many of our queries related to ‘Life In Mars‘.

According to the information received from the sources, scientist Dr. Jean-Pierre Paul De Vera has discovered that living organisms would not only be able to survive on Mars’s condition but would also be to thrive there.

He has built a machine that can simulate the conditions found on Mars, from the temperature, atmospheric conditions, chemical composition, UV Rays and has been referred to as a Martian chamber.

Dr. De Vera explained that the cyanobacteria that were present on Earth around 3.5 billion years ago have the ability to persist for weeks in the machine. When he conducted the same experiment in Antarctica, the organisms that were experimented in that climate apart from surviving, also thrived within the harsh conditions.

In 2015, NASA also explained Martian chamber’s plans for human exploration and colonization of Mars. This idea will be carried forward in three different phases that will finally lead to the fully-sustained colonization of Mars. This plan would only be executed by the mid of 2030.