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Indonesian Man Punished In Front Of 100s Of People After Having Physical Relation Before His Marriage

Source: The Digital Wise

In a very nerve-chilling case of Indonesia, a man was severely beaten in front of 100s of people. The punishment was so cruel, that he fainted after being beaten for having pre-marital intercourse.

Source: thesun.ie

The photos attached themselves show how the 22-year-old was revived by doctors so he could be whipped again after he collapsed even before receiving his 100 lashes.

100s of spectators were yelling at this man while viewing on as a cleric who is seen wearing a mask.

The cleric was holding a wooden stick with which he punished the man and whipped him in front of the crowd.

The reason for which the man was being punished was that he was found guilty of having intercourse before his marriage.

Many people were looking at the scene and one of them commented, “This is the consequence they have to face for violating the law.”

The region where this act was committed is the only part of Indonesia that completely follows sharia law.

On July, 3 more people were whipped 100 times for having intercourse before their marriage.

Offenders who commit milder offenses are punished with dozens of strokes.

According to the information received from the sources, Aceh officials have even declared that even the poachers who threaten orangutans or tigers will also be beaten for 100 times.

Source: thesun.ie

NASA Researchers Warns Of New Massive Killer Asteroid That Will Surely Hit Earth

Source: The Independent

The European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA have discovered a large asteroid that’s able of producing over 20 potential influences on Earth beginning within the next years. According to the companies, the asteroid is bigger than the Empire State constructed building.

The deadly asteroid has been recognized as 2019 WW4. It is the most advanced addition to the ESA’s Risk List, which records all known hazardous asteroids that have non-zero impact possibilities. This indicates that all the asteroids highlighted in this program have chances of creating an impact event on Earth.

Related image
Source: nbcnews.com

According to the information and data gathered by the ESA, 2019 WW4 has an expected diameter of 1,312 feet its the massive one. The agency prophesied that if the huge asteroid clashes with Earth, it might do so with an influence velocity of over 32,000 miles per hour.

2019 WW4 is listed as an Apollo asteroid. Like the different Apollos, 2019 WW4 supports a wide orbit inside the Solar System. Hardly, the asteroid’s orbit intersects with that of Earth as the planet moves around the Sun.

Aside from the ESA, NASA’s asteroid collision monitoring system Sentry is also pursuing 2019 WW4. According to the information received by Sentry, the space rock is in danger of creating 26 potential impact situations on Earth.

In related studies and information given by the ESA, the agency recorded that these influence effects could occur between 2036 and 2116. During this period, the asteroid’s highest chance of hitting with Earth could take place on Aug. 25, 2044.

2019 WW4’s possible Earth results can be assigned to a kind of factor. One of these is the asteroid’s actual Earth-crossing orbit. The gravitational pull of massive objects in space such as planets could further influence the trajectory of the space rock and send it on a crash course with the planet.

If the massive space rock clashes with the Earth, its huge size and speed assures that a significant influence situation would occur. Since the space rock is big enough, the amount of energy that would be delivered from its influence would be strong enough to effectively destroy a big city as well as its nearby areas.

SHOCKING!!! Drunk Woman Seen Harassing Male Commuters In The Train

Source: Daily Mail

A woman accused of physically assaulting and harassing male commuters in a train has been arrested by the police officers.

The complete scene was recorded and filmed last night followed by her arrest in which the woman in action has been identified as Zadie O’Connell, 24, from Basildon in Essex.

Her social media accounts revealed that the 24-year-old boasted a month ago of having urinated in a neighbor’s garden and was fined for throwing up in the back of a taxi.

Footage shot last night shows her bullying shocked commuters and telling. Her outburst was recorded by fellow commuters who urged her to stop.

She was detained on suspicion of physical assault and counts of common assault.

John Mason filmed the encounter and said, “I was quietly minding my own business yet this girl was upsetting everyone and at the end of the day you have to take a stand.”

The video shows O’Connell facing a man sat on the train while assaulting him before turning and pointing to another woman and yelling at her.

She was seen putting her arm around the man who was standing up to try to avoid her.

Passengers were also seen trying to calm her down because the kind of scene she was creating was frustrating and irritating for everyone.

She further sticks her face in the camera and was seen yelling to the man who was filming her but even after all this she did not keep her cool and continued yelling.

Actor Chris Pratt And Katherine Schwarzenegger Rejoiced Their First Thanksgiving As A Married Couple


Actor Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger spent their initial Thanksgiving as a married couple together and it seemed like a happy family affair.

The couple Pratt and Schwarzenegger got married back in June, after just over a year of dating. In pictures on Instagram, they could be seen among the guests at Maria Shriver’s home, smiling alongside her massive family.

Fans swooned for the sweet family holiday. The two can be seen in an Instagram post by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., along with Shriver, Kennedy’s wife Cheryl Hines and Schwarzenegger’s sister, Christina.

The picture also included Pratt’s 7-year-old son, Jack, revealing that the actor was not the only newcomer to the family. Pratt also shares Jack with his ex-wife Anna Fari, who was nowhere to be seen.

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Game Night at Shrivers. Thanks Maria!

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The gathering was occurred on Friday, according to the sources. Pratt attempted to keep it low key as he came at Shriver’s house in southern California, wearing an over-sized gray hoodie zipped up to his face, with the hood pulled over a black baseball hat and sunglasses.

All in all, Pratt and Schwarzenegger appear to be doing a pretty seamless job of blending their respective families. The 2 got together just months after Pratt split from Faris in 2017. As their divorce was concluded, Faris started a relationship with cinematographer Michael Barrett.

The couple moved fast, in January they got engaged and married on June 8 in Montecito, California. They are a fan-favorite celebrity pair and are on good terms with Faris as well.

As for Faris, she and Barrett are reportedly moving on to the next step too, as Faris wore a massive diamond ring, revealed by the sources. When questioned if they were “ready for the big day,” Faris reportedly avoided the question, replying “no,” but she has told that she is committed to Barrett.

At The Last Slayer Concert, Tom Araya Bid Goodbye To Fans


Plenty fans of Slayer saw the band’s final concert at The Forum in Inglewood, California on Saturday night (November 30) throughout the second of 2 last tour dates called “The Final Campaign”.

At the end of Slayer’s set, bassist/vocalist Tom Araya approached the crowd, praising the group’s fans for encouraging him and his bandmates for nearly 4 decades.

“Thank you. Thank you very much,” he told. “I need to thank you for giving your time to us. Time is valuable. So I thank you for giving that time to us. Thank you. I’m gonna miss you guys. But the most significant thing I want to thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you. Good night. You guys be safe.”

Slayer’s last world tour started on May 10, 2018, with the band’s aim to play as many places as possible, to make it simple for the fans to see one last Slayer show and tell goodbye. By the moment the 18-month trek wrapped at the Forum, the band had finished 7 tour legs plus a series of one-off major summer festivals, doing more than 140 shows in 30 countries and 40 U.S. states.

Slayer’s final world tour has been a wild ride. 3 bus drivers, 4 truck drivers, and a crew of 32 have traveled all over the world to establish the stage for this farewell.

Araya spoke regarding his possible retirement in a 2016 interview with Loudwire. He stated: “At 35 years, it’s a moment to collect my pension. [Laughs] This is a career move.” He continued: “I’m thankful that we’ve been around for 35 years; that’s a very long time. So, yeah, to me, it is. Because when we started off, everything was excellent, because you’re young and invincible. And then there appeared a time where I became a family man, and I had a hard time flying back and forth.

And now, at this stage, at the level we’re at now, I can do that; I can rush home when I want to, on days off, and spend some time with my family, which is something I wasn’t prepared to do when [my kids] were growing up. Now they’re both older and mature. So now I take benefit of that.” 

Hanneman contracted a flesh-eating disease, in January 2011 from a spider bite in his backyard. The disease destroyed the flesh and tissues of Hanneman‘s arm, leading to many surgeries, skin grafts and extreme periods of rehab that made him into semi-retirement and left him near death at some times.

Hanneman finally died in May 2013 from alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver. He is recognized for writing many of Slayer’s classic songs, including “Angel Of Death” and “South Of Heaven”.

Original slayer drummer Dave Lombardo was fired from the band after sitting out the group’s Australian tour in February/March 2013 due to a contract conflict with the other members of Slayer. He has since been displaced by Paul Bostaph, who was earlier Slayer’s drummer from 1992 until 2001 and recorded 4 albums with the band.

AI Cameras Can Detect And Caught Drivers Using Their Phones While Driving

Source: Smart Cities World

Phone usage while driving continues to be a problem in various parts of the world, in no petite part due to the complexity of implementing laws. How do you detect and caught someone in the act? Australian police might not have that difficulty. The New South Wales government has begun using the first cameras that can automatically catch when drivers are practicing their phones.

The method uses AI to review photos for significant signs of phone usage, with humans examining the hailed images to stop any wrong positives. There will be both set and trailer-mounted cameras on support to detect inattentive drivers.

Image result for AI Cameras Can Detect And Caught Drivers Using Their Phones While Driving
Source: TechSpot

The initial three months of the initiative will allow first-infraction drivers to get away with a notice as a warning. After that, however, it gets pricey. They’ll take a $344 AUD ($233 US) fine and five fault points in standard cases, with those amounts rising to $457 AUD ($309 US) for school zone demolitions and 10 demerit points during double demerit periods.

Officials are convinced this will drive to fewer incidents. The NSW government’s Bernard Carlton stated that “independent modeling” explained this could stop 100 fatal and serious injury smashes in the time of five years. Whether or not this occurs in use, it could absolutely work as a restraint — you may be less liable to text buddies while on the street if you know that a camera might detect and record it.

Not everyone is excited about the outlook. Privacy isn’t an important problem here (the cameras aren’t scanning for faces). Rather, it’s that this may substitute the weight of proof to motorists and force them to court if they consider the human analysts miscalculated what they observed.

That, in turn, could bog down the judicial system with more crises than normal. Not that administrators might be discouraged. After all, they could demonstrate that it’s important to weigh down the courts if even one life is saved through the cameras.

Apple’s iPads And MacBooks Will Have Mini LED Displays In The Next Year

Mini-LED in Macbook
Source: Wccftech

Rumors have spread out that Apple has been working on an iPad and MacBook highlighting Mini-LED display appearances for months, and a new agenda note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has now set a date on when to anticipate the feature: late 2020.

Kuo had basically disclosed the rumor that Apple was operating on laptops and tablets with the new screen technology beginning of this year, but after some time, they settled the time as either 2020 or 2021. The new analyst note clears it all, foretelling that Apple will deliver both an iPad Pro and a 16-inch MacBook Pro with new highlights Mini-LED screen in the next year.

Image result for Apple's iPads And MacBooks Will Have Mini LED Displays In The Next Year"
Source: Paul Thurrott

According to Kuo’s statement, the iPad Pro update will appear in Q3 2020 and also highlight an updated A14X processor (presumably an iPad-specific variant of Apple’s 2020 iPhone processor). The MacBook Pro would follow at a later date in Q4, similar to the timing of the popular 16-inch MacBook Pro’s launch. Moreover, Kuo assumes that Apple will deliver more Mini-LED hardware over the next coming years.

As of total, Kuo anticipates that Apple will deliver 4-6 products with mini-LED by the next year. Apple’s selection of highlight is supposed to “boost up the mini LED market development.”

As by analyst Kuo, Apple is interested in Mini-LED panels particularly over OLED for its bigger display devices as they offer comparable benefits and advantages, like confined dimming, a wide color gamut, and high variance and dynamic range, without the downsides — specifically, OLED burn-in, which could offer a particular difficulty with the static screen components like the dock and menu bar on macOS.

Apple’s iPad timeline for 2020 still continues a bit unclear. Rumors have implied that Apple will deliver a new iPad Pro in early 2020. It is forever probable that Apple makes two improvements to the iPad Pro lineup next year, or that the 12.9-inch revision is preserved for the end of 2020 when the mini LED feature is ready.

ALIEN’s Fossil Discoverer By Rover On Mars, Details Inside

Source: JPL-NASA

Aliens are something that is only used for creating interesting and engaging content for movies because, in reality, none of the agencies has provided us with the proof with which we can say that aliens do exist in real life.

But, the long lost mystery might have been solved by the experts of NASA.

The experts have claimed to have spotted an alien fossil of a creature on Mars in one of NASA’s photos and based on the image provided by the agency, it appears as if the fossil is of a fish-like creature.

SOL 2218
Source: ibtimes.com

The image of the strange object was spotted by Scott Waring for the very first time. According to him, the original image was taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover which has been sent in on Mars to explore the Martian surface.

The photo was taken on Sol 2218, which is equivalent to Nov. 2, 2018, and was achieved using the rover’s left navigation camera.

Upon closer examination at a particular spot,  Scott noted that the object is probably the fossilized remains of an alien creature on Mars.

If you look at it closely, it will seem like fish but one thing cannot be said for sure, whether this fossil was found on the area that is believed to have been filled with water many many years ago or not.

According to Waring, this is not the first time when he has come across a fossil in NASA’s photo.

He said, ” I was looking over Curiosity rover photos and found a fish fossil that the rover arm was examining, I could only find one photo with the fish fossil in it. It is not the only fish fossil I have ever found and reported, but actually the third or fourth over the years.”

Intel To Blame Qualcomm For Multi Billion Loss In Chipset Business

Intel blames Qualcomm
Source: TechSpot

Intel stated it accuses and blames Qualcomm for the production of its mobile chip business.

This is declared in court records opposing Qualcomm’s claim of a US Court decision from May 2019 that determined that the company’s licensing practices had “killed” competition.

In that judgment, the court directed that Qualcomm renegotiate license contracts that won’t incorporate prerequisites that permit it to end technical support or cut off chip stock and supply. Also, Qualcomm is no longspun supported to make particular dealing arrangements with smartphone makers.

Image result for Intel To Blame Qualcomm For Multi Billion Loss In Chipset Business
Source: Times Of India

Its request for the judgment is assumed to be learned in January 2020, with several companies recording papers in opposition. Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Intel Steven Rodgers recorded in an official post that Qualcomm had limited Intel out of the smartphone chip market.

“Intel struggled for many years to build a successful modem chip market. We spent billions, hired thousands, obtained two companies,” Rodgers said. “Intel could not defeat the artificial and impossible barriers to a regular competition organized by Qualcomm’s plan and it was compelled to exit the market this year.”

Mobile chip business sold

Notwithstanding its dominance in the PC chip market, Intel has disappointed to grow as a major performer in the mobile business. At the point of July this year, Apple declared that it would buy the bulk of Intel’s smartphone company for $1 billion.

With the take-over, the iPhone maker took over 17,000 wireless technology patents, while 2,200 Intel employees enrolled Apple. Intel verified that it had spent heavily in that market and provoked a multi-billion dollar loss in its trade.

Intel has far more expertise in guarding itself on claims of antitrust than grumbling about being the victim of anti-competitive methods. In this particular situation for Intel, it not must deal with a terrible adversary in Qualcomm but it also suffered vital design and increasing difficulties in its modem chipset group.

Canal Street Shooting: Multiple People Shot In The Incident

Source: WDSU.com

The crime rate in every city of every country is continuously increasing at a pace that has put many lives on innocent people in danger and it has become dangerous for people to walk freely on the streets.

According to the information received from the authorities of New Orleans, another shocking and horrifying incident took place on Canal Street where around 10 people are supposed to have been struck by gunfire at shooting on the street.

As per the information received, the authorities have told in a report that the shooting occurred at the 700 block of Canal St. around 3:30 a.m. between Bourbon and Chartres Streets where the crowd packed the French Quarter and Canal Street for the Bayou Classic and weekend after thanksgiving.

Canal Street shooting
Source: wwltv.com

As per the reports, a suspect has also been apprehended near the scene but nothing is confirmed yet as no further information has been provided.

The victims have been shifted to the nearby hospital and no further information regarding the condition of victims has been provided by the concerned authorities.

The investigation is under process and once the investigation is complete, then only it will be clear whether it was a pre-planned attack or a sudden attack.