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These Fan Favorite PUBG Players Were Found Using Hacks

Pubg Mobile
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While browsing my Facebook feed earlier this week, I came across a PUBG mobile feed. Obviously, it is illegal to hack yourself, but it is exclusively the Indian streamer who openly uses it in streaming. He was just broadcasting to show how effective his hacks were. He was using a very effective feat that showed him the location of other players. On top of that, they also had an ‘Ambot’ which is essentially a feat that automatically snatches your target for a headshot over the opponent’s head.

With all these feats, he was abusing other players and killing everyone he found. He continued to promote these hacks and said that anyone can buy them by sending a message to their WhatsApp number that was described.

These Fan Favorite PUBG Players

He went on to mention how his hacking was secured with Tencent’s anti tramp software and would not be prohibited. It’s safe to say that their streaming on Facebook Gaming was super toxic and we don’t recommend anyone to tune in and hack them. I’ve been playing a lot of Apex legends lately and I can confirm how big the cheating problem is in that game.

PUBG Mobile is fighting its own battle against cheaters and ...
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I am not going to explicitly name the dreamer here because he is still broadcasting and promoting his hacking. The last thing we want to do is promote this type of abuse and get more hackers in the game. We have already told you about its transmission on Facebook and we have also reported it in the game.

In the end, I just want to say that you can’t even win a full game with your hacks. Imagine being so bad in the game that you can’t win a match even with a hack. This shows that playing the game is more than being good at achieving the goal. It is better to spend time properly understanding the game than to use these tricks and ruin the game for everyone.

1899: Creators Of Dark With Something New!

Source: Variety.com

Netflix’s German Dark series ended in Dark shortly after, but producers Janje Fries and Baran Bo Odar have known their next project for a long time. As the title suggests, the new series will be a drama and synopsis of a bygone era. What you find below may suggest that it will have thriller/horror elements. This series is very early on, but as to who is behind this series, we believe that many people will pay full attention to it. What we do know, therefore, is far from the next series of the founders of Dark Wayes and its production company.

What is the 1899 plot?

A summary of the new set is described in the official press release: Their journey takes an unexpected turn another migrant ship on the high seas when they are located, what they find on the ship will turn the road into a terrifying.

Dark' Creators Board Historic Horror '1899' as Next Netflix Series ...
Source: Hollywood Reporter.com

In what word will 1899 be delivered?

At a table in Berlin in February 2020, the audience revealed that unlike the dark, the first language of 1899 would be English.

Where is the 1899 production?

From March onwards, the film is scheduled to start in February 2021, with production starting in September 2020. Since the 1899 production didn’t hit the coronavirus epidemic, it was only in the writing process, we think it’s still time and they’ll actually start filming in February 2021.

1899 Release Date

Everything Is going well to According to the plan in February 2021, we would expect the first season of 1899 to fall on Netflix someday in the first moiety of 2022. However, a German magazine has stated that they expect it to be released in 1899 and 2099. Our last recommendation for all who wish to stay up to date, along with the year 1899, is to follow the fan account that has been repeatedly Below you will find his latest tweet.

Shang-Chi: What’s Known About The Live-Action?

Shngai And The Legend
Source: TV Guide.com

Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings is the first Marvel movie directed by Asia. The existence of the film was first revealed in 2018, and Marvel confirmed it as part of Phase 4 of the MCU at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Here we know for now.

Who is Shang-Chi?

The character, a master of unarmed combat, first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1973, when the television drama ABC Kung Fu, starring David Carradine, was popular. Shang-chi was born as the son of supervisor Fu Manchu, but then he opposed his father’s methods. He has also been associated with Heroes for Hire but is often a lone wolf character. His main power was not really a traditional superpower, but he had the ability to win the master forms of war, the surname of the Master of the Kung. However, in later years, it gained the power to repeat itself, which could be useful.

What is the release date?

The film is slated to arrive on February 12, 2021. In June 2019, sound mixer Guntis Six, who acted on Marvel films, including the thriller: Ragnarok, said in an interview that the film would be executed in Sydney.

Marvel's Shang-Chi Movie Gets New Release Date | Den of Geek
Source: Den Of Geek.com

When (and where) do you expect to start?

Shortly after the Comic-Con panel made it official that Shang-Chi would be coming to a theatre near you in the near future, it was revealed that (or at least you guessed it) the Collider people comic. Filming in Sydney, Australia in August 2019. The venue is also expected to be the home for the production of Thor: Love and Thunder (which won’t be filming for a while yet), while Atternals is also expected to start filming at Later this year, but specific places.

Who plays Shang-Chi (and who is in disguise)?

As announced by Marvel Studios producer and president Kevin Feige at this month’s Comic-Con, the lead role in Shang-Chi will be played by Canadian actor Shang Chi. For many American audiences, the 30-year-old (who stars in a Netflix comedy movie Kim) may not be familiar with anyone, at least not yet. And, when the newly announced Marvel star spoke about his casting, he felt free to show his finesse on Twitter when this great news came.

The Boys: Season 2? A Loosely Packed Trailer!


The official trailer for the second season of The Boys has arrived. Based on the Garth Ennis and Derrick Robertson comic, the series revolves around a team of central vigilantes battling villains who mistreat their superpowers – Season One premiered last year on Amazon Prime Video and has received positively update.

Building on the events of the Season 1 finale, the new episodes begin with Billy Butcher, Hughey, and the rest of the crew on the run. The trailer takes a small step under the two-minute mark, showcasing various superpowers and other gruesome bloody scenes, as well as short cuts of characters portraying a new leadership. However, much of the violence also accompanies humour, which is in line with the narrative style of the previous season.

The plot of the boys (season 2)

Season 2 will have to address all of these plot points, as well as bringing in a new controller and perhaps a few more superheroes. Homelander is drifting off the rails, he can rely on superheroes Starlight and Queen Meow (Dominic McLeagott), restoring seven real superheroes who are actually trying to protect humanity more than their own superhero image I care

The new cast includes timeless actors Göran Visjic and Claudia Dumit. Winik plays the role of Alistair Adana, the charismatic leader of a mysterious church. Doumit will play the character of Victoria Newman, a prodigious young congresswoman. Aya Cash plays the role of a neo-Nazi superpower named Stormfront.

When is the release date?

Urban posted on his Instagram on November 6 that filming was done in season 2 of The Boys. The second season of Boys will premiere the first three episodes on Amazon Prime in the fourth season. New episodes will be available every Friday, and the season will end on October 9. The Boys series has also been renewed by Amazon for Season 3, which was announced on July 23 during Comic-Con on the home panel.

The Punisher: Is Season 3 Possible? Deets Inside

The punisher Seaspm 3
Source: Gizmo Blaze.com

The Punisher is an American web television series produced by Steve Lightfoot and premiered exclusively on Netflix. It is based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is adapted from comics of the same name. It is a sequel to Marvel’s Deadpool and has a similar vibe. The first season of this series launched in November 2017 and received a widespread response and decided to produce another season. But due to some technical problems, the transmission has stopped.

Punisher Season 3 Renewal Status

However, while we were waiting for the third season update, it was reported that Netflix cancelled the show after two seasons. Of course, this is sad news because it was a long-awaited renewal that is happening now.

The Punisher star responds after Eminem rages at Netflix for axing ...
Source: Digital Spy.com

But we hope that since Disney owns Marvel and is going to start several Marvel Studios web series soon, maybe Disney Plus could introduce new seasons in the future. But for now, the show has been cancelled.

About season 3

Punisher season 3 will be the sequel to both seasons where we will see Frank Castle, who uses deadly methods to eliminate the forces of evil from his city. John Bernthal, who played The Punisher, previously played a superhero on Netflix’s Daredevil. That’s probably why he’s the best person for this job.

Plot season 3

The story is about Frank Castle, the former Recon Marine Reconnaissance. Frank acquired a new identity in New York City as ‘The Punisher’ which was complete. In the second season, Castle, who was involved in the mysterious murder of Amy Bendix, decides to leave her alone and embrace her life as Punishment.

Release date: –

Between Disney and Netflix, there are copyright issues. All fans are anxiously awaiting its release. All we can hope for so far is for Disney to revive the series on its streaming platform and we can see that Frank Castle can demolish his enemies in the most forceful way!

Warrior Nun: Is It Renewed At Netflix For Season 2?

Warrior Nun Season 2
Source: YouTube.com

The season has been authoritatively announced. Since the main deadline was proposed on July 2, 2020, it may take a month or moons for the next season for Netflix.

Detailing Warrior Nun Season 2?

In any case, on the account of the warrior nuns, the probabilities of rehabilitation are acceptable. Immediately after launch, the ranking obtained exceptional satisfaction and captured the hearts of its crowd. After the episode, a surprise twist and a Cliffhazer lead us, marking the second year on Netflix.

What is the release date?

Warrior Nun Season 2 actual shipping date should be verified after confirming your restoration. Warrior Now’s main term changed from July 2019 to March. In any case, the filming of this series will be postponed due to the possibility of a pandemic if the season persists. For a time, we can confirm that Warrior Nuns may have a post-season confirmation, with the resulting season on Netflix in late 2021 or mid-2022.

Warrior Nun' Season 2: Showrunner talks future plans, adapting the ...
Source: Inverse.com


Netflix’s Warrior Nun’s Story series is intended for a young woman named Ava. At some point, the 19-year-old wakes up in the classic Ava Morchery and realizes that he has inspired extraordinary powers. With the help of some warrior nuns along with the shotgun Mary (Toya Turner) and Lilith (Lorena Andrea), she fights against the dangerous forces of evil.

Other Details

Drell reveals his true self to the world, Ava and her kind sisters will fight in their military battles to deal with evil situations and protect Shotgun Mary at all times. Due to that evil Cliffhanger, enthusiasts have a variety of questions to answer in Season 2, including what happens to Jessie, who Michael went to, and how Ada solidified to crush Adriel.

You’ll find The Sisters will behave the same way as the cruciform sword sequence developed through Father Vincent in Lie’s sale, so hopefully, there will also be an extreme whisper.

Colton Underwood Fuels New Dating Rumors

Bevery Hilss
Source: Entertainment Weekly.com

Lucy Hale, 31, and Colton Underwood, 28, began walking together in Los Angeles on July 15, 2020, after the couple added fuel to the relationship fire. Colton and ex Cassie Underwood announced their split on Instagram, and the new relationship is rumoured to have emerged shortly after their dirty Instagram drama was announced.

Are Lucy Hale and Colton Underwood dating each other?

Sources said that while TMZ is not serious about these two, they have been working on “dating by chance” and Spend Time Together.

Colton Underwood explains how 'The Bachelor' handles erections ...
Source: Insider.com

How did Lucy Hale and Colton Underwood meet?

According to TMZ, Lucy Hale contacted the former Bachelor star after parting ways with Cassie. However, it appears that Lucy has been observing Colton remotely for some time! The Preity Little Liars star said of Underwood during his season on The Bachelor of Season 201, and told people in 2018, “I’m really excited that Colton the Bachelor. He’s nutritious. He’s a good boy who he appears to be.

Lucy is not the only A-List celebrity to be featured with former Bachelor contestants. In 2017, Wells Adams, who appeared in season 12 of The Bachelorette, entered Modern Family star, DM Sarah Hyland, in an attempt to get him onto the court. The couple started dating soon after and got engaged in July last year. Gigi Hadid also briefly dated bachelor contestant Tyler Cameron for a few months last year.

Why did Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph separate?

Colton Underwood and his former Cassie Randolph, nearly two years old, separated in May this year after their relationship “broke up.” The 28-year-old reality star announced the news on his Instagram, writing, “Sometimes.” Just to be friends, and that’s fine. We have both grown a lot and are doing a lot together, so this is not the end of our story, it is the beginning of a whole new chapter for us. “

Leonardo DiCaprio: We Rank His 5 Best Roles From His Impressive Acting Career

Leaonardo di Caripip
Source: USATODAY.com

Leonardo DiCaprioSince his fame in the 1990s, Leonardo DiCaprio has quickly become one of the world’s most wanted actors. His indomitable ability to jump into almost any number of roles with incredibly attractive wit is impressive. At the same time, his list of credits as the most famous actors of all time is remarkable.

We have used IMDB to rank the top five movies and the bottom five, where it played a leading role. One thing we have learned is that there are a lot of really good things on their resumes, and it really isn’t that bad. ..

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'wealth and success don't make you happy'
Source: The Telegraph.com

Worst: total Eclipse (6.6)

The total Eclipse revolves around a real-life relationship between the poet’s Paul World and Arthur Rimbaud. It is a darker story, which shows their passionate relationship through strange erotic and violent interpretations. Despite dramatically telling a true story, the theme was not entirely suitable for everyone, leading to box office failures and very poor critical response.

Best: The Wolf of Wall Street (8.2)

One of DiCaprio’s recent works, about love cinema, is front and center in this depiction of a three-hour crazy life by stockbroker Jordan Belfort. It’s a slow fire, first a description of your progress in wealth, but it takes a wild turn toward the play as it nears the end. DiCaprio is equally charming and repulsive, the perfect way to portray Belfort.

Worst: J. Edgar (6.5)

Despite the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio received J. Golden Globe Nomination for his role as Edgar Hoover, this directed/annotated film by Clint Eastwood was not a critical success at all. Judi Dench, Naomi Watts, and Adam Driver (in her first movie role), misleading narrative, and generally rather boring storyline brought the film to an average of 6.5 IMDB, despite DiCaprio’s prolific achievements.

Best: Django Unchained (8.4)

It may not be the best Tarantino movie yet, but it’s a pretty tough list to beat. Therefore, their best-done job is better than anything most directors can dream of. DiCaprio starred with Calvin J., along with a cast consisting of Javin Fox, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson. He played the role of Candy.

Worst: the man in the iron mask (6.5)

Among the many roles one can hope to assume in Leo in a strange game, The Man in the Iron Mask takes him into the historical role of King Louis XIV and the historical role of Titan Man in Iron Mask. This change between the characters was seen as a chassis, with the film as a parody of The Three Musketeers. While the film suggests that historical inaccuracies will prevail, there are many that seem unnecessary.

Elon Musk Praises China, Says ‘China Rocks’

Elon Musks
Source: The Financial Express.com

For a variety of reasons, at a time when China is suffering from heat from some countries (including India and the US), Tesla director Elon Musk has appeared under the country’s ‘protection’. In an interview with the podcast, Musk was asked what the strategy is for China and its electric vehicles. There is a lot of energy in China. The people there – there are a lot of smart people and a lot of work.”

Musk not only praised the hard workers of China and China, but he also had the opportunity to say a few words about America. Compared to the Chinese, he said the American people have far more rights.

China rocks!' — the U.S., not so much, according to Elon Musk ...
Source: MarketWatch.com

The Chinese government said it was somehow supporting Tesla, but said in the U.S. that Tesla provided support to China with a $ 1.5 billion mortgage for its factory in Shanghai. When things slowly began to return to normal in China, the Tesla factory in Shanghai returned to its full operation. He said it would be normal to deliver cars directly to consumers and the idea of ​​selling them through outlets or outlets would gradually diminish.

Tesla and the States

Musk said among American cars, “Tesla had the least government support from any auto company.” Tesla claimed early on from the U.S. Department of Energy about the loan repayment. Tesla paid the interest until May 2013, nine years earlier. The DOE loan, which began in 2008 in the economic crisis, was less than tens of millions of TARP loans claimed by General Motors and Chrysler.

According to a study by the Los Angeles Times, the US. The Tesla government had $ 4.9 billion in support. Honestly, that should be the most important thing taught in business schools. That sheet calculation and that. Keep your PowerPoint presentation and go. And improve your product. “

Deadpool 3: MCU Plans For The New Film?

Deadpool 3
Source: Comic Book.com

Deadpool 3 is one of the most anticipated movies, although we still don’t know when it will arrive. In December 2019, Ryan Reynolds confirmed: “We are working with the entire team right now. Now we are at Marvel [Studios], which is suddenly like the big leagues. It’s kind of crazy.” Much has changed since it was time to make movies.

Release Date: Deadpool 3

We’re still awaiting the official release date for the third movie, as it wasn’t part of Marvel’s Phase 4 announcement at Comic-Con 2019, which fans were concerned about. But writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have convinced everyone that there will be a third movie, they just need to find the right idea. This means we can still expect a fair wait for Deadpool 3 and it’s difficult to say when it will release. In early 2020, Ryan Reynolds still didn’t know when it would be done. Everything is so new now that it ends at Marvel and, you know, what I do, from where I can sit, as well as outside. And find out. We’ll see.”

Deadpool 3
Source: Entertainment Weekly.com

Disney has been hosting the unconfirmed Marvel movie release dates for 2022 and 2023. Right now, we’re afraid to wait until the dates of 2023 – February 17, May 5, July 28, and November 3, especially since Future Marvel movies have been delayed. Deadpool 2 took less than a year before it started releasing in theatres, so if Deadpool 3 started filming in early 2021, it could land in 2022.

The plot of Deadpool 3: What will Deadpool 3 be?

Reynolds had voiced some doubts about where the franchise might go after the second movie. Reynolds scoffed that “the quest is to go in a completely different direction,” adding: “Often they reboot or change a character like four movies, maybe late. The last time we saw Negasonic Teenage Warhead, I was fixing Cable’s time machine so Deadpool could correct past missteps, including an unfortunate but fun career choice made by Ryan Reynolds. We wouldn’t be surprised if Deadpool 3’s business progresses in cable history, as his daughter, Hope, whose comic book counterpart, plays a key role in Mutantkind’s future.

Deadpool 3 Trailer: When will the Deadpool 3 Trailer be released?

Filming of the third movie hasn’t even started, so there won’t be a trailer for some time, we’re afraid. For now, Reynolds is likely to keep fans busy with such fun promo videos where Deadpool blocks Hugh Jackman’s birthday message.